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Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License course

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Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License Course

Welcome to Bridgewater Real Estate School.  Our classes are designed to prepare you to take the Massachusetts Real Estate exam! No prior real estate experience necessary.  Small classes for better one-on-one personalized attention!

Thinks To Know:

Real Estate Salesperson License Requirements:

Students must be 18 years or older; 

Students must complete the 40 hour state-approved course to be eligible for a salesperson license; 3 endorsements,  PSI's exam Fee,   approved Cori, passing score of at least a 70 on both the MA Law and General Real Estate exams. 

Test Requirements:

To be eligible to take the exam the student will receive a candidate education certificate and and application upon completion of the 40 hour course. This document is provided by the instructor.  

Class Fee, including books:


Live Traditional Classes

 Saturday Class                               


     March 21                                 

     March 28                                      

     April 4                                          

     April 11                                       

     April 18                                        

     April 25

     May 2

     May 9


The Process

Step 1. The 40 Hour Course

Our class is a 40 hour pre-licensed course.  All Students must be over the age of 18.   The course is designed to help students pass the state exam.  Once the student has completed the 40 hour pre-license course we provide the student  with the candidate education certificate and application. 

Step 2. The Application

The applications consists of:

Signed and stamped application, Current picture of of the candidate/student, Exam Fee of $85.00,  Endorsements (3 people stating you are of good moral character), and a Cori acknowledgement form (notarized)   The application is mailed to PSI by the student after the application is complete. 

Step 3. Schedule Your Test

Once the application is approved PSI will contact the student to schedule exam.  The testing centers are located in Auburn, Charlestown, Fall River, Lawrence and Springfield. Schedules vary but generally there are test dates on Monday - Saturday at least one of the centers.

Step 4. Study

After the student completes the 40 hour course we recommend the student prepare for the exam with self study and pre-test before the exam day.

Step 5. You're Ready For The Test

The state exam is multiple choice questions.  The test is administered on a pc.  The exam is made up of  two sections:

1.  General Real Estate  80 questions

2.  Massachusetts Law portion 40 questions

A score of at least 70% is required on both sections to pass.  Exam results and licenses are issued on the spot!

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